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Movie review of the American Graffiti The movie is one of the best coming to age movies, it describes some of the things teenagers get into before they start having adult responsibilities. The movie is based on one summer night in 1962 where some teenagers decided to party before going to school. Among these teenagers are Steve, Terry, Curt and Laurie (Curt’s sister). The teenagers on that summer night, drove their car with loud rock and jazz music to Mei’s drive in. a common place they liked gathering to have fun. Steve, whose father is one of the most respected people in the Moose Lodge, shows his friend Curt, a scholarship he had obtained from the foundation. However, Curt, advises Steve that he should consider attending a local school for a year before going to College. Steve is quite surprised by his friend’s revelation, because according to him, he was ready for the change. Steve then turns to his girlfriend who is Curt’s sister and tells her that they should consider dating other people while they were away. Curt who was also surprised by Steve’s willingness to go to college then seeks an advice from John Milner who is an auto mechanic in town, he asks him how he has kept up with the challenging environment.In conclusion, this movie is one of the best that shows how teenagers undergo peer influence and struggle to make decisions.Therefore, I highly recommend this movie to teenagers who are having difficulties in making choices about going to College. Work cited