Video Games and Violence

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It uses video-interface to harness the human interaction needed for the game to play. to have a visual feedback on a video device, usually a television. Videogames have been around for more than fifty years as it started in 1947.Two men, Thomas Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann, invented and patented something called cathode ray tube amusement device and this was the game now that we know as the videogame.There are many platforms of videogames. One can play videogames in a personal computer, or in a videogame console. There are also videogames that can play in handheld devices too. Some videogames are specialized as they are only available in arcade platform. These were popular during the 80s and the 90s but then the advent of the personal computer made the arcade platform quite obsolete.Many people, especially the die-hard fans, have considered video games as an art form. many also consider videogames (or videogaming) as an industry. Videogames these days usually have extensive plotlines and characterization, and the player usually has to fulfill a mission that is parallel to the plot and the character he is taking on the game. Some games are quite complex with their plots and twists, with various characters that the player can be in the game. The graphics quality of videogames is also quite the thing for fans. Many videogames boast realistic images that simulate real-life situations. These graphics are top of the line, with a quality akin to Hollywood level special effects. Sounds of these videogames are also worth mentioning as they can also be quite realistic.There are many kinds of video games. There are strategy games, simulation games, arcade games and role playing games. Most people tend to say that role playing games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike, role playing games that involve the use of guns and killing, are the main reason for the surge of violent behavior in some people.