Victim Services

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In this regard, expenses covered are, medical related expenses, and mental health counseling services. On the other hand, Crime victim assistance programs provide a range of services, including crisis intervention, counseling, emergency shelter, criminal justice advocacy, and emergency.
A victim should have access where necessary to available welfare, health, counseling and legal assistance responsive to the victim’s needs. (Victims of Crime The rights of a victim of crime, n.d.)
Normally progress in treating of crime victims is due to the tremendous efforts of thousands of peoples who have turned their victimization into a force of positive change. Interestingly, victims of domestic violence, homicide, child abuse and rape have changed their experiences.
Progress in improving the treatment of crime victims is due because of the attempts of thousands of individuals who have turned their victimization into a force for positive change. Victims and survivors of homicide, rape, child abuse, domestic violence, and other serious crimes have transformed their experiences into a vehicle for assuring that victims of similar nature of crimes get right justice, significant assistance, and compassionate treatment before the law.
In this regard, many survivors and victims spend their resources and time to provide assistance programmes like carry out legislative advocacy, protection and crises hotlines etc. Fortunately, every community provides assistance to crime victims. Many organizations provide financial services to their crime victims through crime victims fund (CVF) which is managed by OVC. Funds collected in OVC provide services for victims such as, training for advocates and professionals all over the nation.
Millions of dollars are deposited into the Fund each year from criminal fines, forfeited bail bonds, penalties, and special assessments collected by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, U.S. Federal Courts, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. All Fund dollars have typically come from offenders convicted of federal crimes, not from taxpayers. However, the October 2001 Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA PATRIOT Act) expanded the possible sources in fiscal year 2002 by authorizing the deposit of gifts, bequests, or donations from private entities into the Fund. (Not Available, n.d.)
Furthermore, the Attorney General’s Crime Victim Services Division provides following services to victims.
Crime Victims’ Compensation Program
The Crime Victims’ Compensation Program reimburses due expenses to victims of violent crime and their home persons. The Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund assists entitled victims pay for medical and advising charges spent due to the crime and assists families to cover the cost of the funeral for the loved ones who have been murdered or killed.
Allowances and Contracts Management Program
Allowances and Contracts Management Program administers following:
OVAG – Other Victim Assistance Grants VCLG – Victim Coordinator and Liaison Grants SAPCS – Sexual Assault Prevention and Crisis Services
Program Texas VINE – Statewide Automated Victim Notification System CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates CAC – Children’s Advocacy Centers CVCLS –