Variety and Experienced Pool of Employees in Planet Intra

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Planet Intra is led by an international team of a professionally qualified and experienced group of people with backgrounds in consulting, technology, international management and customer relationship management (CRM). They are the real strength of the company and they have been able to ensure the uninterrupted successful journey of the company. The company operates globally. Planet Intra has established four offices across the world. The offices in Tokyo, London, and Windsor and Mountain View locations are the main channels to fulfill the global demand for EIP solutions and services. Value Added Resellers (VARs) are consulting firms and other system integrators who work as channel partners. They have contacts within the industry with the large corporations and SMEs and they are the main source of revenues for the company as well. The heavy reliance on VARs may affect the revenue stream. Currently, the VARs are charging 40 percent commission on per referral and there is no assurance that they continue with the current level of commission or they may increase their commission demand. The implications of this business relationship are that the VARs may require 60 percent commission on per referral and this would directly affect revenue and profit of the company. The company may focus on the non-cyclical or traditional industries. The industries such as oil and gas, health care and service sector may be considered as potential clients for the company. The chances of demand reduction in such sectors are marginal and the companies prefer to invest in their technology-intensive and communication-intensive aspects. The downward correction in the stock markets. The effects of a downward correction in the stock markets have already forced many companies to withdraw their presence from the industry. At the same time, many companies are endeavoring to find out ways to decrease their cost of doing business.