Vaccinations Vs Autism

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3750 Actually, these kinds of cases cannot fail to promote cognitive dissonance because they only take place at crucial age after children have received vaccination. Conspiracy theories Information concerning vaccination has been highly flawed thus bringing lots of issues. Information presented to the public was just part of the issue of vaccination that involved presence of mercury in the MMR. These arguments about autism were provoked by the fact that mercury content in the MMR vaccine was a major cause of autism and other related disorders. It seems that many people are especially the public are against scientific proposal of use of vaccination as a preventive measure in controlling diseases such as measles and polio. This universal disagreement with the scientific proposal may suggest that the medical experts are involved in major conspiracy to lie to the world. According to Haydn and Cook (2010), “If one disagrees with a view held by the great majority of the world’s scientists, the most common response is to assume all those scientists are involved in a vast conspiracy to deceive” (43-45). This has made many scientists to be engaged in various investigations and tests to prove or disapprove the disturbing conspiracy in their field of study. Fake Experts Many people assert that scientists are not in agreement when it comes to the relationship between vaccination and autism. Some of the statements however, have been made by scientists such as Burton yet they are fake and misleading. Many people who claim to be scientists yet they are not such as Carrey and other celebrities have come out to condemn vaccination by claiming that it causes autism. According to Haydn and Cook (2010), “The challenge, rather, appears to be how to effectively communicate this fact to policymakers and to a public that continues to mistakenly perceive” (45-47). I believe that issues concerning health should be addressed by the real experts and professionals in those particular areas of concern. Not all experts and scientists understand what vaccination and autism is all about and therefore should not address the issue. It is indeed hard to convince politicians and the public that vaccination does not cause autism since the opposite have been communicated to the same people by people claiming to be experts. Cherry Picking Peoples’ opinions and ideas about autism have brought major concern thus pushing scientists to carry out investigations that is aimed at testing the claims. The proof that autism is not caused by vaccination has been disapproved via many scientists consensus that even the mercury content in the vaccine do not cause autism. Scientists also proved that children develop autism at different ages after vaccination thus showing clearly that vaccination causes autism. Deniers such as Burtons have instead come up with claims that only support part of the all issue by claiming that a child developed autism immediately he was vaccinated. According to Haydn and Cook (2010), “Deniers often focus on narrow pieces of data while ignoring other evidence that does not support their viewpoint”(51-53). Other people have also used cherry picking by claiming that mercury content is responsible for autism among the children. There are also other claims that the number of vaccinations has increased thus causing the rise of autism. According