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HIGHER COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY  DEPARTMENT: BUSINESS STUDIES Final Examination: Assignment Based Assessment               Semester: II  A. Y.: 2019 / 2020 Advanced Diploma Start Date: 13/05/2020  Time: 9AM Due Date: 15/05/2020  Time: 9AM Student Name Student ID Specialization Section Level Advance Diploma Course Name Production and operations management Course Code BAMG 4201 / BAMG 2100 For official Use Only Question No. Max. Marks Obtained Marks Question No. Max. Marks Obtained Marks 1 10 1 10 2 10 2 10 3 10 3 10 4 10 4 10 5 10 5 10 Grand Total Marks 50 Grand Total Marks 50 First Marker: Second Marker: Date: Date: Guidelines for Students to Submit the Assignment:1) The final assessment for semester 2, 2019-20 will be done through comprehensive assignment for a maximum of 50 marks. The schedule of the final assessment is available in the college website. 2) All the students are expected to have only one assignment at one time. In case, if the students have more than one assignment on the same day, please report to the exam committee through the following mail id. as soon as possible.3) All students are given 48 hours to complete and submit each assignment from the day, date and time the assignment is uploaded. Students are advised not to wait till the last moment of the deadline to submit the assignment. 4) The students can check the assignment anytime and any number of times from the opening of the assignment. The answer to the assignment need to be uploaded in e-learning within 48 hours. 5) The answer to the assignment can be uploaded only one time. No requests for resubmission of the assignment will be entertained.6) The students may contact the following mail Ids if they face any difficulties while related to final assignment.​ For Academic related support : Business Courses For Technical Writing 1 For Technical Writing 2 For Technical Communication For issues related to e-mail accounts and Microsoft Teams Any issues related to E-Learning Moodle Any other IT Troubleshooting 7) Students may contact their respective lecturer through college email (within the 48-hour period given) if they have any doubts and clarifications on the assignments.8) Students should be aware that this assignment is an independent assessment. Students are not allowed to get help from any other person during the assessment period.9) Students assignment will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin software. This assignment will be assessed as per the College Assessment Policy. Student will be investigated in case of plagiarism as per the College policy and procedures. The maximum acceptable similarity index is 25%.10) In case the students face any technical issues regarding the submission of assignment, the answer to the assignment can be mailed to the concerned lecturer within the 48-hour period using college email.11) Any assignment submitted after the 48-hour period will not be considered for evaluation.12) The assignment should be submitted only withthe file in MS Word document. No other format is acceptable at all (e.g. pictures, JPEG, PDF, etc).13) The students need to answer the assignment in the prescribed number of words as mentioned in the assignment.14) The students need to follow the following format while preparing the assignment :Font Style: Times New RomanFont Size: 12 point for body and 14 point for HeadingsLine Spacing: 1.5Margin: 2.54cm (One inch) on all the sidesPage Number : At the bottom right hand corner of each pageColour: All words should be in black colour15) Students who will fail to submit their assignment as per the deadline given are required to make an online appeal along with the valid excuses as the guidelines which will be announced through the college website or e-learning portal within three days from the date of submission deadline.Please read the questions carefully and understand the underlying concept or situation before you start answering. It is highlyadvisable to read all the instructions carefully(given in the cover page of this assignment) before you start answering the questions.Please remember that each question must be answered with minimum 250 and maximum of 350 words. While submitting answers, kindly do not include the instructions page and the questions in the assignment as it will add more plagiarism.​Answer sheet should contain only Student ID, Student Name, Section Number and Specialisation.In Addition to this, it should contain the question number and its answer only.Question1Venturi Automobiles, a Monegasque based automobile has been manufacturing electric cars for a very long time. Following EU agreement for climate change, most of the countries in the EU are promoting the manufacture and sale of electric cars extensively. The rest of the world follows suit. To capitalize on this opportunity the company is seeking collaboration with good partners across the world. As the market for electric cars in very raw and no manufacturer solely claims to be the best in the business, Venturi automobiles wants to expand its reach to one of the places where demand for automobiles is and will be relatively high. The company has targeted the Gulf region for future expansion. As a part of their expansion strategy for doing business in the GCC, the company wants to partner with the Saud Bahwan Group in the Sultanate of Oman. The combined entity Saud Bahwan – Venturi decided to set up their manufacturing facility in Nizwa and management already got necessary approval from the ministry. Since electric car manufacturing is not like conventional cars, Saud Bahwan – Venturi need a new design for their plant layout. The company is planning to import all the necessary machines from their home country and material from China and South Korea. This Joint venture has approached you to design a facility layout plan for proposed layout.You are required to write in detail onA) Critically examine the important factors that influence Saud Bahwan – Venturi group in  designing the facility layout of the new manufacturing unit.                                                           (5 marks)B) What type of layout would you suggest to Saud Bahwan – Venturi group stating all possible reasons? Use Diagram, chart or models to explain your answer.                                                (5 Marks)                                                                                                             Question No. 2Since the demand for tyres is progressively increasing in in Middle East, Apollo tyres decided to establish their manufacturing unit in Sultanate of Oman. They selected Duqm SEZ as their location. Since all the raw material needs to be imported from countries like India, and the finished products need to be exported to other GCC countries, Apollo decided to give a special attention on inventory management of the company. The management of Apollo realised that an integrated system of inventory control is a must to reduce overall production cost of the company. The company decided to follow JIT system as their inventory control model. Since the company doesn’t have any previous experience in using this system, the management decided to consult you to reach a final decision. Now your report on JIT is very important for company to decide whether to continue with the system or move to some other system.You are required to prepare a report stating: – A) Explain how implementation of JIT pertaining will help in the reduction of inventory costs in Tyres manufacturing business.                                                                                               (5 marks)B) Explain the PULL and PUSH system applicable to Tyres manufacturing business with the help of a diagram.                                                                                                                      (5 marks)Question No. 3Al Shaya manufacturing is a company that is involved in manufacturing different types of Flour. The company wants to adopt an inventory classification method to exercise better control on inventory and hence declares the following data. S.No Item Annual Usage Price per Unit (in RO) 1 Wheat flour 9250 200 2 Rice flour 10000 30 3 Jowar flour 8000 80 4 Bajra flour 4000 50 5 All purpose Flour 9000 125 6 Corn flour 6900 80 7 Gram flour 15000 0.220 8 Ragi flour 60000 0.575 9 Eikorn flour 1000 18 10 Cake  flour  1000 50 11 Bread flour 7000 155 12 Spelt flour 2000 0.140 The management is considering ABC Method and HML method for classifying the inventory. Under ABC method, the company wants to classify items with an annual consumption value of 70% to A category, 25% to B category and 5% to C category. Under HML method, the company wants to classify all items with unit value above RO 70 and more into H category, RO 25 to RO 70 into M category and items having unit value less than RO 25 into L category.The company has been receiving complaints regarding the quality of their Jowar flour. As there is a lot of competition in the market, the company has decided to have an internal check. The company decided to have a check for 15 days continuously and decides that the sample size  for each assessment will be constant. The following table provides details of the same Subgroup (K / N) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Sample Size (n) 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 No. of Defectives 4 2 7 6 0 8 9 5 3 4 7 8 4 1 0 You are requested toA) You are requested to explain the ABC and HML inventory classification method in detail as well as classify the above items under ABC and HML. Also suggest giving reasons, which classification method is more suitable to the company                                                              (5 marks)                                                                                          B) Establish 3s control limits for the number of defectives along with chart clearly stating whether the process of manufacturing Jowar flour is under control or not .                            (5 marks)Question No. 4A) The forecasted demand for a product was 500 units in August 2019 with an increase of 5% over August month for the subsequent months of the year up to April 2020. The Actual sales reflect a 10% lower number than the forecasted demand for each month up to January 2020 and a 5% higher number than the forecasted demand for February, March and April 2020. The per unit sale price of the product is fixed at RO 10. The company wants to assign a weightage of 0.3 for the months of April and March and a weightage of 0.2 for the remaining months for the purpose of forecasting demand using weighted moving average method.Using this information, you are required   i) Determine forecast for May and June 2020 using method of least squares    (2 Marks)ii) Determine forecast for May 2020 using 4 months weighted moving average method (2 Marks)iii) Explain as to which method has a more accurate forecast for May 2020      (1 Mark)B) Royal Binders Company faces the challenge of surviving in the market along cutthroat competition from competitors.  For its survival the company aims to cut down on cost. In-depth analyses of the financial statements throw light on the inability of the company to cut down on one of its heaviest cost factors, i.e the inventory cost. For this reason the company policy makers suggest the economic order quantity method to be adopted. The company records suggest that the company possess an annual demand of 240,000 units. Due to COVID-19, the company would now be operating at 25% capacity. The buying cost per order remains RO 180 and the carrying cost, which has declined by 5% over the past year stands at 10%. The COVID-19 effect has forced the seller to make it attractive for the buyers. The seller agrees to offer items  @ 25 RO per unit and promises to further reduce the selling price by 10 RO per unit for order size 10000 units.You are requested to advice as to how the company could cut down on its inventory cost. (5 marks)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Question No. 5The Dubai International Airport is one of the leading airports in the MENA region catering to around 2.5 million passengers per year. The airport faces unusual traffic of passengers in peak days and peak hours, all of which cause huge queues to customers wanting to fly different airlines for different destinations. This has really affected the tourists and passengers who have to board connection flights from the airport. This resulted in a loss of approximately 1.5 million Dirhams for the airport by way of excessive delays. The existing waiting line structure is not suitable to cater the requirements of such heavy passenger traffic, and hence the authorities at the Dubai International Airport are requesting your advice to improve the system. You are required to design a waiting line system that suits the requirement of an airport. Remember that with in the airport, passengers must cross three service stations to reach to the boarding point. They are a. Check-in counter to get boarding pass.b. Immigration counterc. Security check up 1. Design a waiting line system for airport with clear marking of Customer arrival, Queue, service 
facility, outgoing element/customer. You need to use diagram, models or chart to explain the same.                                                                                                                                                (5 marks)2. Do you think the customer behavior like  “Jockeying” and “Collusion” can happen in an airport  
waiting line system? Give reason for your answer.                                    (5 marks)