Utilizing Online Social Networking Sites Paper

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The registered members of the group can talk about camera and accessories to improve their photographs and also talk about their professional knowledge which helps them to learn about the latest provisions in the field. The groups also provide continuing education opportunities in the field of professional photography and these groups provide various educational opportunities and education credits to licensed professionals.The groups also provide qualified referrals and it helps the members to stay connected with the professional community. It helps to further business opportunities in the field of photography in the following ways -There are many LinkedIn applications which can be added to personal profiles and homepages to promote and to stay connected with other human service professionals. Social networking sites provide a platform to individuals who have nowhere to turn for help.Human service is also designed as the professional services for those in need (Alle-Corliss, 1998). As per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – The scheme of need includes self actualization, esteem needs, belongingness amp. love needs, safety and psychological needs. It is found that people who are deprived of meaningful social contacts suffer from medical problems (Cassel, 1990).Firms believe that good work spread through spontaneous referrals and referral works because of transferred trust. Employment patterns are related to groups and time (Calvo-Armgengol and Jackson, 2004) and the information spreads fast across social networks. Quality referrals to your client can be generated through awareness, colleagues, service providers, seminars or conference.With the evolution in IT, internet based social networking sites can generate quality referrals. There are other ways to generate quality referrals such as articles, blogs, news, exhibitions, emails, books, case studies, online advertisements, SEO etc.