Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Delivery of Parcels

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were introduced in the early twentieth century and commonly used in the Second World War. The main difference from this drones to cruise missiles that are also remotely controlled is the fact that drones can be reused and can lift payloads that are lethal or not. Their importance is in the miniaturization of the cost of producing a full-scale aircraft. The inability to cost the pilots’ lives in case of an accident and host of electronic masquerades that make them invincible in war zones (Boon amp. Lovelace 2014). In an attempt to make automatic the systems that handle letters and parcels, various computerized technology has been applied. These are mainly used in the sorting of the bulky letters and parcels. In the delivery, manual transportation is used that involves human labor. In the delivery system, the automation of the process through the use of drones is a potential area of infusion of technology. In encouraging the acceptance of technology, the automation of services through drones could reduce the workforce and ensure the high level of efficiency that can result in the reduction of time. While using drones in the delivery mechanism, the reduction of the number of the mailmen and costs is supposed to increase organizational profits, hours of work and accuracy of the delivery process. This aspect is what inspires the extensive research into the delivery process that uses the UAVs that are, in most cases, referred to as drones. The issue regarding the use of drones has been evidenced for over past half-decade with various regulatory agencies assessing the application of drones in parcel delivery. In the US for example, the Federal Administration assessment of the deployment of the best aviation regulatory of the drones is yet to achieve its objectives (Orsini,2013). Despite the Congress enacting a legislation in 2012 that directed the FAA to provide the rules that will guard small civilian drones, the milestone is far from achievement. It is attributed to the difference arising between the civilian drones and manned aircraft.