Using Action Research to Develop a Research Aware Community Pharmacy Team

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It was used in creating and improving awareness in the team towards research and having a knowledgeable and a well-established team. The method was also used in doing away with doubts and ambiguity because it is based on evidence, therefore, creating confidence and trust among the team members and in individuals.One of the ways I could do a similar study in order to create a knowledgeable team is through observation. I could choose a team that applies the best practices and involve the respondents through observation. By looking at how things are done and the benefits that were achieved, the team will be motivated to apply the practices to their situation. Another way is through participation through answering questions and writing narrative reports. Pottie et al. (2008) acknowledge that reports are a good way of evaluating the event and implementing best practices. Action research can as well be used and be extended to involve the community that will be important in giving valuable information. Using the above approaches will be vital in enhancing research awareness.