Use The Cell Diagram Below To Answer The Following Questions About A Galvanic Electrochemical Cell Made From A Silver Electrode In A Silver Nitrate Solution (Ag+ + E’ 0 Ag E0 = 0 80 V) And A Chromium Electrode In A Chromium (Iii) Nitrate Solution (Cr3+ + 3 E’ —Gt; Cr E0 = O 91 V)

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Make sure element symbols are properly capitalized.Enter ion symbolsUse the cell diagram below to answer the following questions about a galvanic electrochemical cell made from a silver electrode in a silver nitrate solution (Ag+ + e’ -0
Ag, E0 = 0.80 V) and a chromium electrode in a chromium (III) nitrate solution (Cr3+ + 3 e’ —gt; Cr, E0 = -O.91 V). Element symbol for Metal 1 = Element symbol for Metal 2 = Ion in Anode solution = include charge for ion
Ion in Cathode solution = include charge for ion
Arrow for electron flow = enter A, B, X or Y
Arrow for anion flow = enter A, B, X or Y Reading on voltmeter = (see reduction potentials above) Science