Usage of Drugs at Music Festivals

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Most of the people on the occasion take drugs just in the name of having fun while others have just the curiosity of knowing how it feels taking the drug. Not being considerate of the adverse effects of the drugs, some people consume alcohol among other drugs abused, in the name of getting high. They believe that they need to be off their chops to enjoy the loud music and lights. Beginners suffer more compared to frequent users of the drug (Platt 1).In some occasions, the carries away some individuals, who becomes hyped and pushes limits too far by doing things that they would not do in ordinary situations. At such point, they take drugs and do crazy stuff that they come to regret afterward when nursing their hangovers. Some go back to their homes injured only to realize when sober. Games such as truth or dare and dirty deeds played by youths during the event also contribute significantly in such occasions. Sometimes they dared one to drink or take a drug that they do not know. They do so in the name of the game. Drinking competitions also leave others taking too much of alcohol, chewing blackout among other adverse effects (Lim et al. 440). One of the most commonly abused drugs during Electron Music Festival in the US is Molly, the recent name for ecstasy. They take the drug for the stimulation by light, sound, and touch sensation. To them, it gives a good feeling. They forget its side effects, which include paranoia, depression, nausea, and dehydration. Adversity of the effects of the drug occurs with an increase in temperature. Taking the drug in this condition increases the effects of hyperthermia. In some cases, it causes death from dehydration or heart failure (Hesse and Tutenges 88).