Urban Food System

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Urban Food System The central idea for Weissmann’s article is that Fast Food strikes have contributed significantly to the organized labor. In justifying his idea, Weissmann claims that the strikes have managed to rewire how both the public and the politicians perceive wages. He also claims that over 13 states have also increased their minimum wage because of the strikes. The article however expounds on the effort put by Fast Food workers towards ensuring they receive a good pay. It also touches on the challenges the demonstrators faced in their quest for good pay. The author of the article also expounds on the challenges the workers faced while pursuing their demands. some employees voted against involving oneself with the union (Weissmann, 2014).The main idea for an article by Badger is that the consumption of food from strangers is becoming a common practice for time. She justifies her claim by expounding how food is exchanged between people who do not know each other. The article by Badger mainly touches on the production of food by strangers and the delivery process used in reaching the consumers. The rise of consumption of such produced food is as a result of an advertisement made by the volunteering cooks as well as use of technology (posting online) in advertising food (Badger, 2013).The article by Moore asserts that fast-food strikes work. She justifies her idea by stating that the strikes enhance increase of wages, reinvention of unions as well as encourage long-dwindling membership. Throughout her article, Moore talks about strikes and their implications. She also provides some detailed information about the difference between the current strikes and the past strikes. the current strikes are dominated by the willingness to innovate. The article also touches on the contribution of franchisers and fast-food workers towards failing the productivity of giant fast-food producers. Additionally, Moore also provides detailed information on the reasons for the rise of the unions (Moore, 2014).ReferencesBadger, E. (2013). Why Home-Cooking From Total Strangers May Be the Future of Food.Moore, H. (2014). Do Fast-Food Strikes Actually Work? Theguardian. Weissmann, J. (2014). The Fast Food Strikes Have Been a Stunning Success for Organized Labor.