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After a few time, he went to India for two months because of some family problem in India and leave the total responsibility on me of his shop in his absence.
That was a real test for mine at that time to survive it the competitive market and continue the business with profit. I used some technique to foster sales. Sometimes I offer to give some product free with a specific product to whom who’s were interested to purchase, sometimes I offered home delivery system. Unbelievably it was worked. My sales were higher and my profitability was increased at a notable percent. Besides the same pricing as other competitor customers were more likely to purchase a product from my shops. That was a great achievement for me. After two month Mr. Shamsul came in and was surprised to see that his shop was more popular and the business was more profitable than at any time. He offered me to stay with him, work at his shop and to start my study again. After that, I started my study in BBA
In the BBA, it requires 40 subjects to complete in 4-year time, with a specific major. At the time of studying minor subjects I got a subject called Introduction to Marketing. During the studying period of Marketing, I found all that the strategy I was taken to the shop from 2004 and still now, was a different strategy of Marketing, which was unknown to me as marketing terminology but I used that from my knowledge and practical life experience. Now, it is my 3rd-year 1st semester and I m going to declare “Marketing” as my major subject. Because to me marketing is nothing expect some intelligent decision in perfect time, which is very much life-related.
My practical life experience what I had before always given me support and mental strength that yes, I have the ability and I can do something in my life no matter how the situation will be, how well the world and the time act with me, I will go forward with my spirit and passion. And no subject but marketing will give me such an opportunity. So I intended to take marketing as my major subject.