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Customs Enforcement (ICE) in a Strategic PlanThe management and administration of the ICE is accordingly entrusted with the responsibilities of various tasks, which majorly include preparing budget, managing expenditures, procure activities, human resource management initiatives and accessing information technologies among others. In this regard, the management and administration professionals of the ICE attempts to ensure that the mission and objectives of the organization are accomplished successfully. There are two principle operating elements of the organization, which include Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) along with Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). ERO is entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the immigration laws in a fair as well as successful manner within the US. The ERO ensures that convicted criminals, aliens and fugitives are removed as well as restricted from entering the US who poses threats to the national security. On the other hand, HSI is entrusted with the responsibility of investigating domestic as well as international activities in relation to illegal movement of good along with people in the US. In this regard, HSI performs various investigations in relation to immigration crime, human as well as narcotics smuggling, cybercrime and financial crimes (ICE, 2014).ICE has been facing the problem of immigration enforcement policy in an effective manner due to the fundamental reason that there are millions of aliens or fugitives who enter the US nation illegally. In this regard, it has been identified that the number of immigrants has increased to a large extent within the nation in the current phenomenon. The immigrants entered the US for various reasons, which mainly included family reunification, evading options for political unrest as well as civil strife and gaining economic benefits. Contextually, it has been identified that with increased number of immigrants in every state of the US, the chances of