United States Farm Subsidies and How They Are Ruining Quality of Food

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The processing considerably lowers the nutritional significance of our diet. Fats food is one such corn-based food that is highly processed. People that make fast food a regular part of their diet not only become overweight but also experience malnourishment. They are deprived of the essential nutrients and micronutrients placed by nature in fresh fruits and vegetables. Every year, doctors encounter hundreds of cases of overweight children with rickets.Massive consumption of corn requires massive production of corn. The cultivation of corn causes a lot of harm to the environment. Farmers consider corning a greedy crop that needs much more nitrogen fertilizer than what is required by any other kind of crop. It is the very nitrogen fed to the cornfields that have run off with water and flown into the Gulf of Mexico to develop a dead zone therein which has now become as big as New Jersey. Corn plant also needs an increased supply of pesticides which are also dangerous for the environment. Apart from the obvious demerits of feeding the livestock corn, a potential unethical issue is that the animals are forced to feed on corn, without being their real diet. Many animals thus need to be given antibiotics whose effects can be noticed in form of the changed quality of the milk produced by them as well as a change in the taste of their flesh when they are slaughtered.Explaining the reason for writing the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Pollan said that as he traveled across the US, he was astonished to learn about the eating habits of people of the US as well as their curiosity to know how to change their eating habits for the better. This led Pollan to indulge in comprehensive research regarding food and health. While conducting the literature review and collecting the primary and secondary data, Pollan found that scientists in the US did not have much to teach about healthful eating, thus making the science of food a fairly primitive science in the US.