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unit assessmentQUESTION 1In Good Will Hunting, what, for Sean, is meant by the term soul-mate? Someone who completes you The one-and-only perfect match for you in the entire world Someone who challenges you in every way, who takes you places, and opens things up for you. Someone who always makes you happy, who always says the right things, and who always does what you want QUESTION 2Chuckie says to Will, “Listen, you got somethin’ that none of us have,” and Chuckie goes on to argue that Will needs to put that something to use for: Will. Will and his family. the people of the world. Chuckie and all the guys working at the construction site. QUESTION 3Harding concludes he has had many strange callings, heard many different voices at different times, but it may be that he heard: none. his parents. only One. just the voice of that Harlem congregation. QUESTION 4When the people of Harding’s Harlem congregation said, “He’s going to be a preacher,” what did they mean? “He’s going to be a pastor at sometime in the future.” “He’s always going to be telling people what to do. “He’s going to be a famous preacher.” “He’s going to be our preacher.” QUESTION 5Harding felt so strongly tied to those who had been part of the struggle of his people, so strongly tied to those whose voices could no longer be heard, that he was lost forever to: God. life. scholarly objectivity. subjectivity. QUESTION 6Who gave the speech at the Ceremony of the Twelve? The valedictorian The student with the number one The president The chief elder QUESTION 7Vocation means: paid time from away from work. a job or a career. working hard. the work a person is called to by God. QUESTION 8What happened at the Ceremony of the Twelve? Graduation from school Life partners were chosen Assignments for the future were announced Twelve were set aside for special duties QUESTION 9In The Giver, Jonas was the _________ child born his year. nineteenth eleventh twelfth forty-third QUESTION 10Why did Harding set aside the call to be a high school teacher? Because he was black Because he was told that the space between his front teeth would cause him to fail his oral exam Because his grades in mathematics were not good enough Because he wanted to be an athlete QUESTION 11Discuss your own educational experience. Where was it meant to make you fit in and where was it meant to make you stand out? Be specific.QUESTION 12Who is your soul-mate? How does he or she challenge you, take you places, open things up for you?