Unit 5 IP The Climber Motivation and SelfRegulation in Learning

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Answer the following questions: Deliverance:4-7pages Can everyone be an online learner? What do the various theories that you have studied contribute to your answer? As an online learner, what strategies will you use to ensure your own academic success? Why? What challenges are you likely to experience in this online learning process? How might self-regulation, self-motivation, and reflective practices be applied to solve issues? What support structures and specific online tools are in place, either within the AIU community or your own personal/professional community, to assist you in achieving your academic goals? How do you intend to utilize these resources?Use scholarly research to support your assertions.Use proper APA formatting for this paper. Your submission should be a properly formatted and referenced APA document. Be sure to use title page, abstract, and reference page with your content. Because this is a reflection essay and you are the sole author, use of first person voice is acceptable.Please submit your assignment.05/05/202020education