Uniform Crime Report and the National Crime Victimization Survey

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that Arson, under the UCR program, is defined as malicious or willful attempt to burn or burning another person’s property, aircraft or motor vehicle, public building, or dwelling house with intent to defraud or not. Data collection on arson is only made officially for fires that have been determined by investigations to have been set willfully. Fires that law enforcement agencies label as of unknown origin or suspicious are not included in the data. The data collection procedure excludes arson estimates since agencies differ with regards to their degree of arson offense reporting. Due to the reporting unevenness, national, state, and metropolitan statistical areas offense rates for every one hundred thousand inhabitants are not inclusive of arson data. The arson rates are also calculated on the basis of received data from agencies that give data to the UCR program, after which data for a complete year are presented. The reporting includes arson year-to-year trend data, individual law enforcement agencies, and arson clearance data. This is defined as having carnal knowledge of a female against their will and forcibly. This includes assaults or attempts to rape and forcible rapes sans regard to the victim’s age. However, statutory offenses where there is no force used are not included. The program counts one offense for every victim of assault with rape intent, attempted forcible rape, and forcible rape regardless of age.