Understanding Public Policy

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Policy analysis process is essential in the development phase of public policy. Based on the outcome certain measures may be recommended in order to develop a process that accounts for all needs. The policy will be adjusted based on the goals set by the public institution. Policy analysis refers to the nature in which the current measures are compared to alternative policies in an effort to ensure quality with policy implementation. Anderson (1988) indicates the need to analyze each policy at the development stage. In this case, policy implementers would be able to identify the loopholes within the proposals and work on modalities to ensure the revised policies are successfully implemented. Public policy is all about decision-making in that. different channels may be used to ascertain the viability of the policy. The final product should reflect on the recommendations made after policy analysis. The stage may compare the public demands and the proposed policy and hence make early adjustments to meet the demands of the market. The effectiveness of any policy will be determined by the intermediate procedures put across to censor the developmental stage.Policy analysis procedures are also essential in the implementation stage. This would mean that a proper plan is executed and is in line with set goals. The procedure is essential at it works as a toll of identifying the loopholes within the plans and act as means of restructuring policies to ensure a proper execution plan is put across (Dye, 2010). The policy analysis process will compare the current public policy with existing policies. The aim would be to ascertain whether the policies are in line with the goals and objectives of a given institution.