Understanding Primary Source Readings

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Robert Strayer scholarly work is primarily based on world history and has also written various books on the same subject. Among them The Ways of the World narrated by him describes about the various aspects about the ancient world. The chapter 2 of the book The Occupations of Old Egypt generally reflects the various elements and aspects pertaining to the lifestyle and occupation of Egyptian people during the ancient time3.More specifically, the author, Robert W. Strayer in this chapter describes about the occupational trend of the Egyptian civilization. This document demonstrates about the division of labor and social hierarchy existed between Paleolithic communities and agricultural village societies in Egypt. The occupational system of Egyptian civilization is commonly known as First Civilizations which is described in an Egyptian text known as Be a Scribe4.Robert W. Strayer describes the variation in the standard of work and various communities living during the Egyptian Civilization according to their hierarchical positions. This was the period of middle kingdom the author in his document The Occupations of Old Egypt of the book describes about the worst standard of living of Paleolithic people, which included washer man, potters, cobblers and merchants and crewers as well as the agricultural village societies which primarily included peasants and mansions. They have to struggle to have existence of life. During Egyptian civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt, Barter System was extensively used as the system of exchange. This system was abundantly used by Paleolithic communities and agricultural village societies to exchange the materials such as food and clothing and other necessary requirements essential for every individual of the society. They used to give some material which they procured and in exchange, they take