Understanding Organizational Culture at Pepsico

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The company carries out extensive environmental conservation projects. Such is effective social responsive management techniques that position the company favorably in the market. Social responsive investment is a marketing strategy in which the company appreciates that it exists and is part of the society. This way, the company must institute changes that influence the preference of the society thus positioning its projects and products strategically in the market. The policies of the company portray an extensive culture as the company strives to develop the culture of ownership. Culture refers to the manner in which a company operates and meets its objectives. The policy asserts that the company strives to develop a culture of ownership. Ownership is an effective introductory strategy and an approach that the company uses successfully to implement its numerous conservation projects. The conservation of the environment is the responsibility of every individual who draws respective benefits from the environment. By installing the culture of ownership, the company ensures both its stakeholders and members of the society appreciate its numerous conservation policies a feature that expedites the implementation process.
The culture of ownership encourages responsive and interactions with the environment. The management and other employees of the company will begin maintaining dignified interaction with the environment as they strive to conserve the environment. This way, society readily adopts the company’s environmental conservation initiatives thus expediting the rollout of the company’s projects. However, the development of culture especially in such a large multinational corporation requires effective planning in order to uphold the standards and the quality of the projects. The company should, for example, identify its major market thus rolling out such extensive projects and instilling the culture of ownership in both the company and in the society.