UAE History Questions

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The main business was fishing, pearl diving while agricultural sector was poor: only oasis zones allowed growing vegetables and date farms. Due to its comfortable location before Strait of Hormuz, Dubai was a trading point for Bedouins. This tribe society served for a basic model of social organization for pre-UAE population.The Prophet Muhammad wasn’t a prophet only but a warrior and influential political leader (including famous Taking of Mecca). His ambassadors were spreading the religion, and after Muhammad’s death at Dibba battle non-Muslims were defeated. Islam entrenched itself on Arabian Peninsula. 637 AC is another important date because then by conquering Julfar (later Ras al-Khaimah), an important port and a great point of trade during centuries, Islam started to spread on Iran.It was a period of a great sea traveling in 16th century when Portuguese expanded Indian Ocean, and reached Persian lands for the first time. Being more technologically developed nation, Portuguese dominated in the Persian Gulf about 150 years, and for that time step by step conquered a native population of Arabic Peninsula.The reason was a very important trade highway to India a great Portuguese traveler Vasco da Gama discovered when leading his ships to the Cape of Good Hope in 1498. The main product was very precious those days Asian spices. It was previously mentioned that Julfar was a wealthy port, and thus, Portuguese wanted to control the Arabian Gulf to control a trade market. Important is to mention that local Persians often participated Portuguese when conquering allowing conquerors to use their forts.Portuguese weren’t only Europeans interested in a sea trade, and soon in 16th century British came traveling along the Arabian Gulf. By that time, the Peninsula generally was under Ottoman Empire power, but some local tribes were really strong. Qawasim