Types Purpose and Historical Background of Bridges

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It is evidently clear from the discussion that the building of the bridges could be traced back to the thirteenth century when the wooden logs and stones were used to cross the stream or river. In fact, the basic idea of the bridge has been bestowed by nature in form of simple logs fallen across a stream or river. The human mind gradually refined the idea and employed its creativity and architectural skills and capabilities to give this idea an enhanced and modified form. The human beings started building the bridges using the cut pieced of wooden logs and pranks. After which they started using the wooden stones to support the crossbeam arrangements. The use of trees and bamboo poles was also started by the Americans for crossing the small caverns and well that allowed them getting one place to another. The proper bridges were started building in the 13th century BC by the Greeks however, the ancient Romans gained proficiency in the building of the bridges by constructing various arches and aqueducts. During the Greek Bronze Age, an arch bridge was constructed between Tiryns to Epidauros in Peloponnese named Arkadiko Bridge. This old arch bridge still existed whereas several other intact arched stone bridges built during that era could be found in different locations in Southern Greece.The Romans built numerous bridges that were constructed using the techniques to overcome the problems faced with the early bridges.