TwoCriteria TwoAlternative Decision Template

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It will feature originality of growing organics, herbs and flowers that would attract the large population of Bedrock as people are getting to be health conscious. It has an assurance of flow of customers because of location. The flow of customers generates new needs and new markets. Thus, it creates competences to arrive at ideas to promote its products and services. There is no competition in the farmhouse location and French cooking is a new dining experience
Traffic is not much a problem. The extra 15 minute drive to the farmhouse compensates the time between beating downtown traffic. The local critic can become a word of mouth in advertising the place and could be a possible source of capital.
[$1,200 x 5 years = $72,000 vs. $600 x 5 years =$36,000] =$36,000. The savings on lease could be devoted to development of the landscape, garden, and open door dining. It will also be a good place for family gathering and children. Besides, option to buy is a good proposition.
Option B is recommended because of the originality of ideas that is designed to meet customer demands. It also answers your requirement for a modest capital, a steady flow of customers, and for a quick income.
On Option A – the growth potential in downtown area is limited because of the stiff competition that saturates the area. There are other restaurants offering French cuisine which is the attraction of Flintstone restaurant. Because it is in downtown, customers have many choices and establishing a new restaurant in the area needs more attractions to develop interest of customers. It has to do a lot of advertising and promotion to create awareness of people passing by. Cost of operations in downturn area is a big challenge as it is more expensive. Lease in downturn is higher that is complemented by higher cost of supplies and labor.
Option A is not a good selection