Two news Reading response about supply chain management strategy

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Supply Chain Management Strategy The word Samsung was originated in Korea and its means 3 Stars. Samsung is one of the most successful electronics brand in the world. This company is not only a smart phone maker but it is also a multinational producer of high end technology related items across the globe. The reason of its progress lies in its varied, well managed and unique supply chain management.It has adopted the six sigma method from GE, Dupont and Honeywell to improve the quality of its products and the internal operations of the company. It follows the APS system to make its production plan successful and flexible. This company focuses on the preferences of their customers and tries to make a product by adopting these preferences. This process is known as Quality Function Deployment.The Fashion world is quite uncertain and keeps on changing day to day due to the changing trends across the globe. Zara is one of the most renowned companies in the fashion industry and the reason behind its success is its exceptional supply management strategies. The supply chain strategies of this company make it successful in the stock market.One of the reasons behind its efficient supply chain management is that it uses information technology to achieve its supply chain. Zara uses its own railway track that helps in the speedy distribution of goods to other developing countries. Also, Zara create its products in small qualities and in this way they figure out which product is successful and which won’t work in the market (Loeb).Work CitedLoeb, W. (2013, October 14). Zaras Secret To Success: The New Science Of Retailing. Retrieved January 20, 2015, from Forbes :