Two main operating systems Windows 7 and OS x 10 6

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This has overall effect of a better performance. For a customer getting a new computer the price do not really matter as the OS comes pre-installed in the hardware. This is not normally the case during an upgrade. Apple upgrade from earlier versions is cheaper as compared to windows 7. Shelly et al. (2011) gives an example of Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade that costs $220 on Amazon online stores, Windows 7 Professional goes for $200, and Windows 7 Home Premium is sold for $120. These prices are a way high as compared to OS x 10.6 OS (Snow Leopard) that retails for only $29. As argued by Gralla (2009), Windows7 comes in different versions which confuse the customer during decision making on which version to buy. Some of the Windows7 versions are. Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional (Gralla, 2009). As for OS x 10.6 OS, there is only one version meaning no confusion and therefore less effort is required during purchase. Also OS x 10.6 is practically is cheaper as compared to Windows7. Windows has come from a humble beginning. Windows OS is becoming slick, smooth and easier to use as a result of iterations on the operating system. In particular windows7 taskbar offers such a significant usability dimension. On the other hand OS x 10.6, like previous versions of Mac OS X, is as intuitive, beautiful, and seamless and as aesthetically pleasing an operating system can be. It can be argued that Windows OS has by far more malwares, viruses and Trojans than Apple.