Two Main Categories in the Game

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The reward of glory and sustenance is being used by the creators of the game. The reward of sustenance since the player must be able to survive the battles with diminishing resources such as ammunition and health. If he makes it to a battle and conquers enemy lines, he can get the resources needed. Glory is also being used as a reward here since the player is being conditioned that what he is doing has an effect on history. It is almost to the point of believing that the mission is critical in changing the tides of war.
The narrative is evoked and enacted. Evoked because this series is the sixth series already where fans all over the world know the plot and history of the characters. There are issues of betrayal, courage, and loyalty which is woven into the story. It is an enacted narrative because the play has cut scenes that are really artistic in the sense that the visuals are compelling ( i.e. satellite feed of Afghanistan or Iraq) which makes the players enter the world of clandestine operations. The cut-scenes also show some historical insights and can be considered as realistic as the events around the world.
Space – There is a lot of space that the player can explore in his environment including every nook and cranny of a room or a jungle.’ The player controls his environment and feels free to roam around and explore.
Time – The feels like real-time since there is time pressure to beat in some of the operations involved. Moreover, the player can also be given a task that he should complete in a certain time frame for a mission to succeed. Examples of which are planting or detonating bombs and standing ground until help comes along.
The player cannot save his progress unless he reaches a checkpoint or accomplishes a mission. This has an effect on the player’s behavior because he must possess dogged determination to repeat a mission in case he fails by getting killed in action or not beating the time.
Understanding complex systems – the player is bombarded with a barrage of information on the status of operations while under heavy fire. This develops skills in focus, listening, and absorbing information from a variety of sources at a given time.