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´╗┐Painting Description – Awaiting Woman by Soundarya and Family on Beach by HallinanIt is often said that pictures say a 1000 words and this is very true of the two paints or images presented and described below.Source: Soundarya (2011).In this first picture, there were a number of things that the artist did to make the image very effective. One of these was the appropriate use of colors and the exhibition of the right forms of emotions that accompanied the character in the painting. This is because with the title of awaiting woman, the image tells a story of a lonely young woman who is awaiting company. This company could be a company of friends, loved one, or family. But for whatever situation, such waiting has not been fulfilled and so brown color is made to dominate the image to depict sadness. What is more, there was an effective way of showing the sadness and loneliness on the face of the character in the painting as she is visibly distressed. The artist however did not show who the woman in the picture was looking at down the window. This could have given an indication of who she was waiting for.By Hallinan (2013)A contrasting situation is exemplified in this second picture as the artist shows a family in a very joyous and happy mood at the beach. What makes this painting particularly effective is the setting that the artist used. This is because the beach is a place that is commonly associated with happy moments such as what is seen as the theme of the painting. One more thing, there is a perfect representation of characters that shows an exact opposite to the first one. This is because in this image there is so much company that even a pet is present. The artist however did not show the face of the little boy and the little girl who is with her mother. It is therefore not possible to know if their faces add up to the joyous moment. The artist uses variation of color as a sign of happiness for the family.Works CitedHallinan, Michael. Family on Beach. 2013. Web. October 2, 2014 Soundarya, Ratna S. S. Awaiting Woman. 2011. Web. October 2, 2014