Twelve O’Clock High a Position Paper

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Therefore, everyone is viewed as a potential leader and in trained as such. Even those who are in a leadership position currently will not always be in that position, so individuals must be able to move between the two roles quite readily. Also, once a leader begins to lose his edge and his results begin to suffer, he will be replaced. This is because since there are lives at stake, a leader cannot afford to lose the confidence of his soldiers. There is no time for loyalty towards a formerly good leader because people will die if a leader loses his effectiveness. The Army should keep the status quo in its quest to find good leadership because there is the potential for everyone to be a good leader at some point and also leaders who are not getting the desired results should not be permitted to lead in the long term.The first thing that a leader in the Army must remember is to Be. This means that this individual must hold the qualities that are becoming of a true leader. Leaders should be people who are honest, competent, and inspiring, as Army leadership begins with what the leader must Be, the values and attributes that shape a leaders character (Cavanagh et al, 2004, P. 9). This is because a true leader is someone who people wish to follow. If the leader does not have the values and attributes that other would wish to follow, then the leader will not be very successful. This can be applied to civilian life as well. If a manager at a store does not appear to be a very good leader, the staff will lose respect for this person and, therefore, will not follow him or her. This will cause the store as a whole to under-perform, which will negatively affect the store’s bottom line. The leader in every situation must truly Be a leader who people want to follow and who people believe in. If he or she is not, then the organization as a whole will not succeed. An example of this can be found in the film and