TV Show and Advertising at the Right Time in the Right Place

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During the TV Show, there were three commercial breaks of two minutes each after every eighteen minutes of the show. During the first commercial break, the following commercials were aired:
– Nike (1-minute commercial): In this commercial, a cricket team is showed sitting in a bus, which is stuck in a traffic jam. Now they want to play cricket but they cannot as there is no space but then they have an idea and they start playing cricket on the roof of the bus with smashing shots all around the traffic jam running over cars.
Age: Nike has targeted teenage boys who have a passion for cricket.
Gender: The commercial is targeted mostly towards the teenage boy.
Income: This commercial is targeted to each n every income class.
Race: Targeted to all race.
Psychographics: Nike has targeted this commercial to viewers with the same interest that is cricket. Nike has promoted a positive and confident attitude in this advertisement.
Nokia N-Series (44 seconds): This commercial shows the N93 and all of its features.
Age: 15-45.
Gender: Male and Female.
Income: Individuals who are in the middle or upper class.
Race: Targeted to all race.
Nokia targets consumers who want different features in their cell phones. Target to a specific social class, this commercial is targeted to the consumers who have an interest in Cell phones.
Malaysian Airlines (15 seconds): This commercial shows an executive is getting late for his flight and he hasn’t picked up his tickets. He has to drink coffee but to make coffee it will take some time so he takes a spoon of coffee and puts in his mouth then he takes a spoon of sugar and put in his mouth and then water and shakes his mouth and drinks it all up. N, in the end, it says to better book tickets online before than to leave everything for the last moment.