Tucker the Man and His Dream

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According to the essay Tucker the Man and His Dream findings the movie indicates the fact that the several units were made. Mr. Tucker’s idea failed severally on various occasion deterring his dream and opportunity. The fire occasion when the idea was deemed to fail is when the three largest car companies in Detroit wanted to squash Tucker. The biggest failure of this great idea and opportunity is when Tucker realized that he is no longer the owner of the company. Tucker’s naivety had cost him an opportunity of owning a car company that was meant to transform the world. Tucker did not read the terms of the contract when Benington came on board. This failure if avoided could have saved Tucker’s qualms and misfortunes in the future. A holistic team is very crucial for the success of any project. To some extent the team that was involved in the making process of this car is holistic. Tucker was a charismatic leader with the intensive prowess of the corporate arena. Abe Karatz was a key individual that would make sure that Tucker’s idea is achieved by ensuring it gets the right finance needed. Benington was the next person on the team that would manage the company though he had a point it was him that contribute to the abolishment of Tucker’s ownership in the company. The other key individual in the team was Alex, an automotive engineer he was chosen because of his exceptional skills in the automotive sector. Financing is a very fundamental issue that can determine whether a project will fail or succeed.