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True Colors Personality Test DESCRIBE YOURSELF: In the boxes below are groups of word clusters printed in rows. Look at all the boxes in the first row (A, B, C, D). Read the words and decide which of the boxes is most like you. Give that box a “4.” Then rank order the next three boxes from 3 to 1 in descending preference. You will end up with a row of four boxes, ranked from “4” (most like you) to “1” (least like you). Continue this process with the remaining four rows until you end up with five horizontal rows that each have a 4, 3, 2, and 1. Row 1 A ___2_____ Active Opportunistic Spontaneous B _4_____ Parental Traditional Responsible C __3_____ Authentic Harmonious Compassionate D __1_____ Versatile Inventive Competent Row 2 E ___2_____ Curious Conceptual Knowledgeable F ____3____ Unique Empathetic Communicative G _4_____ Practical Sensible Dependable H ___1____ Competitive Impetuous Impactful Row 3 I ___4____ Loyal Conservative Organized J ___2____ Devoted Warm Poetic K __1_____ Realistic Open-minded Adventurous L ____3___ Theoretical Seeking Ingenious Row 4 M ___1____ Concerned Procedural Cooperative N __4_____ Daring Impulsive Fun O ____3___ Tender Inspirational Dramatic P ____2___ Determined Complex Composed Row 5 Q ___1_____ Philosophical Principled Rational R ___2____ Vivacious Affectionate Sympathetic S __3_____ Exciting Courageous Skillful T ___4____ Orderly Conventional Caring (A+H+K+N+S)= ___11______ ORANGE     (B+G+I+M+T)= _17________ GOLD(C+F+J+O+R)= _____13_____ BLUE   (D+E+L+P+Q)= ____9_____ GREEN