Trojan War

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Many scholars consider this war, which occurred around 1250 BC, as a conflict between nations that “established no boundaries, won no territory, and furthered no cause” (Alexander 1). Though this epic war has occurred even before the printed word has been discovered, the story prevailed through oral culture preserved by the ancestors. The most authentic and descriptive details of the war is present in the Epic by Homer called “The Iliad” and partially in his other work, “The Odyssey.” This war between the Greeks and the Trojans is believed to have lasted for about a decade and during the last year, the Greeks lay siege on Troy, and finally conquered it. Prince of Troy, Paris, who comes to Greece, becomes enchanted by Helen who is said to be the most beautiful woman on earth and he elopes with her to his country. The Greek pursues them to their nation and after a heroic war that causes the loss of many lives, destroys Troy. Trojan War can be perceived as the greatest war fought in human history, for the love of two young hearts on the one hand and for the revenge and honor of a king as well as the glory of valiant soldiers on the other.
Achilles, one of the greatest soldiers in the world, is the most dominant character in the Iliad, who plays a crucial and critical role in the War of Troy. The son of Peleus, the previous king of Myrmidons, and the Goddess Thetis, he grows up into a most daring and valiant soldier, who later becomes the king of Myrmidons. He considers glory as the greatest virtue for a human being and he is prepared to even sacrifice his life for attaining it. The pursuit of glory motivates him and thus he becomes the hero of the Trojan War and determines its fate. However, this character suffers from the flaw of unrelenting anger that turns into wrath on many occasions and this trait triggers in him personal vendetta against Hector, the elder prince of Troy who