Trends in Society and Cultrure

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This essay stresses that business entities should seek to be morally responsible in their effort to get their profit. If a company is not held responsible of its action, there will be a lot of destruction to the universe, in general.
As the paper discusses businesses that wish to go green make this with long- term objectives in mind. This eventually leads to a greater productivity in the work place, though not seen directly. When a company goes green, the business area becomes a healthier environment. A healthy work environment leads to strong employees, and hence greater output. it has a domino effect, which leads to many advantages such as less health care costs for both employees and employers. Other advantages include education to those working there. This will go a long way in saving the universe. The commercial system is controlled by statute in the use of resources. There is a lot of distortion in the business community as to going green. This has led to a massive ecological debt as well as natural disasters frequency. Businesses can do a lot to improve and be eco- efficient. This will continue through integrating eco-efficiency in their strategies. The difference ecologically sustainable companies’ experience is that they use natural resources slower and below the average production policy. They do not cause emissions that accumulate in the environment at the rate beyond the capacity of the natural order to absorb and integrate these emissions. They should not participate in any activity that would also deteriorate the eco-system services (Dyllick and Hockerts, 2002, p.72). Ecological sustainability analysis is based on the realizations that on a finite planet the depreciation of natural capital. It is noted that the willingness of the managers will in turn encourage employees to undertake environmental initiatives. Stated, environmental policies may not encompass much of a direct impact on employees’ willingness to eco-innovate (Lovins, 2002, 146). There are many benefits to going