Trends in modern indie/independent filmmaking

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The approach incorporated the use of aesthetic innovation, gradual development, relative stasis, and refinement of existing techniques (Levy, 2001). The film industry keeps adopting innovative approaches that aim at making the industry viable. Independent filmmaking is a situation where filmmaking takes place outside major film studio. This research paper explores micro niche marketing, a trend adopted by the filmmaking industry. Micro niche marketing is a case where marketing strategies adopted by a particular business aim or target a specific market (Shelby, 2011). For instance, in the filmmaking industry, production of films outside major studio is a trend that aims at a specific market. The idea behind micro niche marketing is to maximize the profit of the business. Research conducted on independent filmmaking trends indicates that market strategy is a major factor that contributed to strategies developed by the industry in introducing their products in the market. Studio production had several implications on the film industry since it dictated the when and the quantity of products the filmmaking industry presented to the market. Further, research reveals that artistic touch in the filmmaking industry is another factor that influenced the independent filmmaking trend. … Photographs used in the past did not allow the usage of artificial lighting system thereby influencing the films produced during that time. Design of early film studios relied on natural source of light thereby influencing film production. In addition, filming of various artworks took place at the main studio due to primitive technology. Evidently, modern technology has ushered new trend in the industry, which allows for flexibility of the artists (Foundation for Independent Video and Film. 2005). In the same regard, modern technology has influenced management approach of the studios because technology provides for a wide range of products that the industry can offer to the artists. The amount of products that filmmaking industry is able to present in the market would influence management approach that it would apply. For instant, modern filmmaking trend dictates that studio products must be available wherever the artist wish to shoot their movies. Flexibility of the artist in the production is another factor that is evident with the innovative technology approach adopted by the filmmaking industry. Large video cameras play an important role in taking photographs of the artists in various locations. This helps in expanding consumer demand for the film products across the globe. Filmmaking industry has recognized a shift in consumer demands cultures, which make use of marketing niche. Concerning this issue, independent filmmaking uses an approach that would make its products viable in the market. In many cases, consumer consumption trends would influence the approach that the marketers will take in introducing the product in the market (Jesse-Cooke, 2009). For instance, if still photographs do not please large