Traveling by Cars Compared to Traveling by Airplane

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As well, the cost to the environment is higher per passenger in air travel rather than on automobile travel. A pleasurable difference that can be seen in favor of car travel is the many sights one might behold while taking more time and experiences the many areas that can be visited along the journey. In all, there are advantages and disadvantages to both methods of travel.

When selecting or being directed to select a destination for travel, there are many things to consider before deciding the method of making the trip. If one selects to drive to the destination, a great deal of time must be used in the process of the journey itself. According to Mapquest, a journey from Chicago, Illinois to Orlando, Florida would take approximately eighteen hours and thirteen minutes with a fuel cost of $142.09. The total

If one checks the cost of plane fare between the same two destinations, the trip would take an average of two hours and 50 minutes each way on non-stop flights. The cost of the trip with taxes and fees included can be purchased for $213.00 (Cheaptickets). In this instance, the savings of both time and money are considerable, however, the flight price was determined with two weeks advanced notice. The same trip would cost $812.00 with taxes and fees (Cheaptickets) if the one wanted to leave the next day. While these prices are not the same at all times, this is an example of how car travel has less flexible price situations, while air travel has a wide variation of cost. Time is the key to determining which method will be more cost-effective and available time for the journey allows for an additional variable in which to determine the method that will be the most beneficial.
Traveling by airplane has a great many conveniences that are not available to someone who chooses to travel by automobile.&nbsp.