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To Whom It May Concern: I would like to ask your humble office to grant my request to be a transfer of your I have been gratefulto have received high quality education from my former school. I appreciated all the help that my former teachers and schoolmates have given me. I am a sophomore student with an endless thirst for knowledge. I want to face new challenges which I believe would be beneficial in my account. Through exposure to new environment, people, and educators, I can become more confident and globally competitive. Thus, I have chosen Northeastern University to be my molder and beacon. The reputation of this university is exemplary. It is an epitome of success and honor. I am certain that transferring to this university is a huge step which will surely have an impact on my future. It will be playing an important role in my growth not just a student, but as an individual whose passion is to explore, discover, and conquer the surprises of life. I hope through working hand-in-hand with the staff, teachers, and my future colleagues, I would be able to be productive in and outside the premises of the school. As I pursue my desire to enter this university, I am anticipating a new platform where I can venture into different avenues. Furthermore, I would be able to acquire more knowledge and would be able to apply them in real-life situations. In return, I am very willing to offer my services and commitment to Northeastern University. I will do my best to be helpful in the propagation of the mission and vision of this institution. I may have shortcomings along the way, but I am sure that I would be able to overcome them with the learnings that this institution would be imparting me. Widening my horizon, becoming a learned individual, and rendering my skills and talents whenever it is necessary and helpful are my goals and objectives. Entering this prestigious university is a milestone and an achievement. Thus, with every step and move I make, I am aiming and striving for excellence. I hope my enthusiasm and eagerness would reach you and grant my request. I would be very delighted to be one of your students. To be able to set foot and grow in this institution is a lifetime privilege.I am looking forward to hearing your positive response. Thank you very much. Yours Sincerely,(Insert name)I am proud to be a volunteer. I love to give. I live to serve. Volunteering is different from mandatory hep. It is done with commitment and intent to serve other people regardless of status and position. Rosenberg and Lampard emphasized that in joining a nonprofit organization, one must consider his or her passion (7). Doing something half-heartedly is not self-fulfilling, rather it becomes stressful and toxic. My volunteering experiences involved conducting workshops, community visits, and organizing symposia. I am a member of a non-political organization which aims to serve and help the younger generation in boosting their self-esteem and equipping them with ample knowledge about the society. Our mission is to reach out to far flung communities, disseminate information, and motivate them to practice what they have learned. Every year, our organization chooses one high school or community to be the recipient. The selection process also involves background research which includes: demographics, feedbacks from the neighboring communities, and recommendation from the head of the institution, or any reliable authority. After the assessment, the group decides the appropriate topics to be discussed and the approaches to be used. It is a fact that approaches to education vary from one institution to another. Also, not all students can learn using the conventional way of teaching. Thus, alternative and supplementary methods are needed. In addition, unconventional methods are easier to accept and adapt to. The organization usually conducts workshops about journalism, sex education, and new media technologies. The volunteer activities usually last for three days or months. The time frame depends on the urgency and the need of the recipients. Also, schedules of the members also take into consideration. During the said activities, the participants are presented with different tasks. They are required to voice out their opinions through writing, mock debates and other engaging ways. The goals of these tasks are to stir their curiosity, broaden their way of thinking, and help them express their thoughts freely and logically. Sets of criteria are also being followed in judging their abilities. Reward and recognition are also given to reinforce their efforts and to show encouragement. At the end of the activity, they are asked to summarize what they have learned. They are urged not to confine themselves with the traditional methods during their presentation. The use of media technologies is introduced to enhance and hone their skills. Tutorials and hands-on experience are also provided by the organization. Through these, their outputs may include and not be limited to short-films, podcasts, and posters. Joining clubs or organizations enables an individual to explore and to see the realities of life. Although we are now living in the modern world, not all people have benefitted from it. There are still sectors in our society that need help and aid from those who are fortunate. For example when it comes to literacy, volunteering has opened up my mind to the fact that regardless the education drive that the government is pushing through, there would still be a border line between the educated and the uneducated. Parents and children who have not acquired any education have no enough idea about their rights as individuals. They are also part of the society, yet they are considered as one of lowest in the social hierarchy. Being an organization member means to volunteer outside of one’s comfort zone. I join volunteer activities, not because it is essential to pass a course, or to get grades. It is because I want to. I have considered it as a fulfilling lifestyle with the hope that it will create a ripple effect in the future. Through information dissemination, people can save lives, change minds, and instill new ideas to others. Works CitedRosenberg, Bob., and Guy Lampard. Giving from Your Heart: A guide to Volunteering. Lincoln,NE: iUniverse, 2005. Print.