Transcribing my audio interviews

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AUDIO TRANSCRIPT Interviewer: what type of secondary school did you attend? Interviewee: boarding, in a forest state Interviewer: where is that?Interviewer: ok, were you in one school or did you attend various different schools?Interviewee: oneInterviewer: what subjects at school did you like and whyInterviewee: I enjoyed English a lot but I loved PE very muchInterviewer: could you take me through a full week at school, from Monday to FridayInterviewee: Monday to Friday would be obviously prayer Interviewer: did you feel teachers understood your cultureInterviewee: yes some did coz obviously you had those with more of other cultures there, whites blacks Asians, but you understand where we basically came from Catholics upbringing and we obviously knew what was wrong and what was bad , yeah and.Interviewer: what were not sure about this school?Interviewee: oohh, just the fact of having pressure and the revision Interviewer: why was that, why did you think that revisions were a big dealInterviewee: the revision that, the way they told me to revise was a mess anyway. When they tell you to revise the way they do not want they cannot revise, they tell you to see him, and take word by word, listen a lot, and remember stuffs of the revision. Interviewer: so you say that your technique of revision was not a dominant culture within the school Interviewee: yeah, my technique of revision was not a dominant culture within the school, only certain teachers give effects to tell you what makes you calm and collective under pressure, you know, exams just do that. They should tell you listen to music or something, and revise how you want to revise instead of one teacher telling how where revision or his way. Interviewer: did you thing the school treat some students differently from other Interviewee: ah ah aha, [laughs] I say yes but I thought I would give the school a bad nameInterviewer: don’t worry am this interview is anonymous to the school you went to so don’t worry and your name would be unavailable Interviewee: yes, some teachers, and the school in fact treats people that wayInterviewer: give me some examples pleaseInterviewee: say one pupil, short young black man very good at sports, he should be used as an example, because he plays for arsenal in England, if he does something wrong, he cannot be accounted for the wrong deeds just because he is an example to other Interviewer: did you feel like, you know when you were at school, all the students from different backgrounds, may you felt compared to black or white kids or you felt everyone was equal.Interviewee: so everyone was equal because must have a majority blacks, and obviously white. Obviously there was more other colours than whites in my school, but you would see some kids were favourites, but that could be for various other reasons because they do have kids that do come with various stuffs, come in the home, excreta exetra.