Traditional Role of Indian Women in Maintaining Home Puja

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Hindu families at homes perform regular worship rituals which they consider as the fundamental element of their religion. In respect of their vows, Hinduism is based on conventional practices which include festivals and visits of temples regularly (Coutsoukis). Especially the Indian women always try to preserve their practice in a pure Indian traditional way. Indian women have a very important role in maintain puja which Hindus name it Dharma (University of California).

In Indian religion, Rajput women are famous when it is about regular religious practices especially home puja. Rajput women’s main objective is to become a good wife, a wife which is the protector of her husband, as this is one major religious consideration which Indian women maintain specifically. In Indian religion especially in Hinduism women maintain entail fasting, which is to gain Shiv’s blessing. This is a weekly activity that unmarried women perform to attain a holy partner under the blessing of Shiv. This is also maintained by married women to serve their husbands piously. A special fasting is maintained on Monday, which is an essential religious day in Hinduism consideration (University of California).