Tourist Destinations

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Here, I will be discussing the appealing factors that attract tourists to Scotland and the type of tourists who visit Scotland. I will also be identifying the motivations of the tourists that cause the tourist flow to Scotland.
One of the main appeal of Scotland as a tourist destination is its natural beauty and wilderness. A large proportion of visitors to Scotland have an interest in wildlife and nature (Mike Watson, 2002). It is promoted as an ecotourism destination. The welfare of wildlife and its natural habitat are given importance, and tourists are expected to leave the precious environment they have come to experience untouched.
The highlands and islands of Scotland are hugely important to Scotland’s international appeal as a tourist destination. Scotland is internationally renowned for its breathtaking scenery (Scottish Executive, 2004)
The highlands of Scotland are renowned as one of the pristine areas of Europe. The glens, mountains, lochs, coasts and islands are home to a range of wildlife. Wildlife nature at its best can be enjoyed here.
Amazonia, Scotland’s largest indoor rainforest is a major appeal for tourists. It is a unique place where you can explore the flora and fauna of tropical rain forests. The fauna includes spiders, reptiles, monkeys, fish and amphibians. It also conserves various butterflies and birds that fly freely around the Amazonia housing.
Another major appeal for ecotourists is Barons Haugh, a community nature reserve. It consists of 107.3 hectares of richly varied habitats for nature lovers. Other habitats include marshland, woodland, meadows, parkland, areas of scrub and a section of the river Clyde. It is the perfect place for walkers looking to explore the habitat. This is a natural site and it has been preserved as such.
The Meikle Bin peak present in the forest in Lanarkshire, provide the tourists with a panoramic view over the valley and the whole of central Scotland.
The possible motivations of tourists visiting Scotland
The most important motivation is Scotland’s image as a human, enduring landscape matches, increasing consumer desires for escapism, a stress free environment and tranquility. Continued