Tourism marketing plan

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There are some extremely essential services marketing strategy that Adventure out Australia can utilize to maximize its income in its business. The essay below provides several service marketing mix strategies that the company can employ to maximize its profit (Adventure out Australia website). Products For a company to be successful in a competitive market, it ought to have competition advantages over its competitors. Their products should be of high quality and attractive to potential customers. It must also provide variety of quality products to its customers (Borden 2005). Adventure outside Australia has created a variety of quality products. Some of the main service products the tourist company offers to their customers include. rock climbing, abseiling, outdoor and education adventures group games, and trekking. The Adventure outside Australia Company has a good reputation for producing quality services to their customers. Its supremacy in the tourist sector in Australia in 1990s was due to its quality service products. To be in a position to compete in the dynamic market, Adventure outside Australia Company should undertake frequent market survey to identify the customers’ needs. The company survey should focus on local and international markets. The company should also utilize good relationship between the local owners and the company to comprehend the requirements of the customers. On the other hand, due to the emergence of many companies which have copied their products, the company has to advance the quality of their products. The company should also consider opening new market in new geographical areas. To have the competition advantages in the market, Adventure out Australia need to come up and introduce new quality products in the market. It also needs to focus on the performance of their products and how best to improve the quality of its services. People The use of appropriate staffing is exceptionally indispensable ingredients in service delivery. The services offered by the company depend on the company employees. As a result of this, employees in a company have the ability to either make or break a company. For a company to have competition advantage in the market, it must demonstrate that its staffs are better than other competitors staffs (Kotler, 2000). Over the years, Adventure out Australia Company has emerged victorious in offering quality training to its employees. They have quality facilitators and staffs who offer quality services to customers. Adventure out Australia should therefore work toward improving the quality of their employees to meet the modern international market demands. Frequent seminars and training programs is extremely relevant in ensuring employees advancements in their services delivery to customers. To have advantages in the market, the company has the responsibility of maintaining the quality of their employees by mentoring and motivating them. Outstanding performers need to be recognized and rewarded. This initiative will motivate employees toward improving their service delivery. On the other hand, promotion, remuneration, and recruitment should be on merit bases. Adequate staffing is also relevant in improving the quality of the services offered by the company employees to the company customers. Having quality people in the company will in this case place the adventure out Australia at a better position in the market competition. Physical Evidence