Total Quality Management Approach

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As a result, the development of a quality strategy has become vital and one of the most important tools used in improving quality is technology.Garvin (1998) has identified five different approaches to quality: (a) transcendent approach, according to which quality always exists. (b) products based approach whereby products must meet high quality standards. (c) user based requirements wherein quality is defined by the extent to which it meets user requirements. (d) manufacturing based approach or the conformance to specifications. and (e) value based approach or the relationship between usefulness and satisfaction to the price of the product or service. The perception of quality will differ depending upon where the viewer is located in the value chain. For instance, the customer is the driving force behind the production of goods and services but is likely to adopt a transcendent perspective on quality.Deming (Deming 2000) has designed his quality approach around fourteen different goals and practices for management among which some important aspects are (a) creating a constancy of purpose in improvement of products and services. (b) using quality suppliers and design a quality based production process. (c) using statistical tools to identify weaknesses within the system so that they can be improved. (d) using improved training and supervision methods. (e) eliminating barriers between departments as well as factors demotivating employees and (f) continuous improvement, which is the most important aspect an organization must pay attention to, in order to ensure that high levels of quality are introduced into products and services.The goal of total quality management is to ensure continuous improvement, employee empowerment, customer orientation and a strong commitment from the management to safeguard the interests of the customers, employees, stakeholders and even society at large (Brah and Lim, 2006). An essential party of the TQM approach isis the focus on quality with effective management of processes and improvement of the quality of goods and services.