Toshiba Overview and Global Presence

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Toshiba Overview and Global PresenceThis gives the company a global feel and as a result a competitive edge for its products. Toshiba is also listed in the stock exchange markets in London. The number of shareholders is approximately 457,467 holding a total of 423,760,000 shares (Toshiba). With an asset base of 69,893 million US dollars the company is led by Norio Sasaki together with the other company’s executives and together they have steered the company to success. With the wide range of products and outlets the company has established itself as one of the leading companies in the electronic business providing a wide variety of products. The global presence is an advantage that the competitors have been unable to penetrate successfully. A. Marketing Mix a) Product The company’s products and services are classified under three categories: computers and accessories, home appliances and consumer electronics. The company has a wide variety of innovative laptops, televisions, projectors, laptop accessories and external hard drives. Business products include copiers, printers, scanners, semi-conductors, hard disk drives, surveillance equipment among others. Industrial products include automation systems, UPS, power systems, LED Display systems and industrial video products. Looking at the wide variety of products each targets a different niche of customers. The products are displayed in variety of showrooms in the various branches. The array of products is geared towards establishment and maintenance of a competitive edge against the competitors. … The company comes up with new products that provide a wide range of solutions to businesses, industries and individuals as well. The company takes advantage of internet connectivity to conduct E-Commerce where they have come up with their own website. The website has comprehensive details about the company ranging from its products, sales, and policies in short anything you would want to know about a company. i. Cultural Factors Toshiba prides itself in having a strong safety and corporate culture which has been adhered to throughout the business operations. The company provides a plat form of sharing important information and the employees are aware of acceptable code of behavior. The company adopts the culture of employing people who are knowledgeable on current information about technical issues (Whittaker 15). In addition these people are also aware of the environmental issues which enable the company develop safe products. Their culture is flexible to suit the ever changing market conditions, with safety attitude being the most important. When taking risks the company’s employees are advised to follow strict guidelines when making risk decisions that affect products safety (Cutts 35). The success of the company has been largely attributed to safety decisions and products. ii. Customization vs. Standardization The choice of customization or standardization depends largely on the product. Toshiba has adopted a method where the customer specifies the features they want in a laptop. The customer will log into their website and choose want they want from wide variety of choices which include internal memory, size of the screen, and speed of the processor at an affordable price. They have also developed a list of