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Social Justice WarriorsStudent nameProfessor nameInstitutionCourseDateFor my persuasive speech, I will chose the topic “Social justice warriors” as an area for analysis since it is among the essential areas with rising cases in the current economy concerning social injustices thus the rise for social in justice warriors will provide a green light to the society (Phelan and Sean). My concern here will be i. What are some of the social injustice cases in the society today? ii. How can the society and the administrative council play to ensure there is social justice? iii. What are the cases that triggered the rise of social justice warriorsThe basic objectives for my speech will be focusing on the need to support the existence and validity of individuals that have been supporting social justice in the society. My objectives include recognizing and appreciating individuals who promote socially progressive views in the society, to identify and promote some of the indicators of social justice in the contemporary society through people like feminism, civil rights and multiculturalism ( The final objective is to look at the controversies behind the actions performed by the social justice warriors in the society today. My decision on this topic came as a result of how the society has been handling the issue of social justice compared to the effect caused by social injustices in the society. The right of social justice warriors became my concern that the society should realize, appreciate and join the move.With such in mind I know most of members of the society as well as my adjacent audience understand the effect of social injustices and thus will really appreciate the rise to support social justice (Mitchell and Mark). They will be able to deduce the measures to put in place as a way to practice social justice as depicted in the actions of social justice warriors. The alternative point of view for this topic was that we have had people do actions in the name of fighting for social justice but in real sense they have personal hidden agenda for self-interest like to pull the masses but I think there are real heroes and warriors for social justice.ReferencesFine, Cordelia, Daphna Joel, and Gina Rippon. “Eight things you need to know about sex, gender, brains, and behavior: A guide for academics, journalists, parents, gender diversity advocates, social justice warriors, tweeters, Facebookers, and everyone else not otherwise specified.”Scholar & Feminist Online15 (2019).Mitchell, Mark T.Power and Purity: The Unholy Marriage That Spawned America’s Social Justice Warriors. Gateway Editions, 2020.Phelan, Sean. “Neoliberalism, the Far Right, and the Disparaging of “Social Justice Warriors”.”Communication, Culture and Critique(2019).