To Work Alone or as a Part of a Team

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My personal management philosophy centers more around teamwork because when a team is acting effectively and communicating with each other well, it is my personal assertion the strategic decision-making power of the organization is increased exponentially. In this current investigation, I examine some of the benefits of teamwork in organizations, including its emphasis on shared and creative decisions, and its ability to generate new ideas and perspective. However, teamwork is not all positive: there are also risks, such as groupthink. Overall, though, in my estimation, it is better to be a member of a working and functional team which can communicate, than someone working alone.
In terms of the leadership of the organizational professional along the lines of providing conflict resolution and providing valuable leadership, in my experience, communication is the key. There is a difference between positive and negative communication, and often this difference is that in positive communication, the leader knows how to listen, as well as how to speak. In terms of solving the conflict between groups in an organizational context, communication must be a two-way street in which both the sender and receiver of information benefit. Typical problems in working relationships… include communication break-downs and a lack of cooperation. Specific interpersonal skills also are mentioned, such as an overbearing, micro-managing supervisor (Cole, 2000). If teamwork is broken, the productivity of the organization can suffer as a result. There are risks as well as rewards to teamwork, just as there are various pros and cons to working alone. For example, someone working alone does not have to find a consensus. But, in terms of drawbacks, they will not be able to reach out to others for help and ideas.
Teamwork is doubly important today, because the degree of relationship building between professionals in many organizations is on the increase, and this is a positive aspect of change that brings with it, more leadership opportunities.