To what extent does the characterization of feminine figures in Romantic writing undermine conventional gender representations

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his lead character, Clara, presented a love story that intertwined to a series of horrendous events. events that are frightening for a woman, but are provoking her to becoming a heroine. Austen, in another way, created a somewhat fairytale love story that does not involve deaths or tragic events, but an ordinary and yet inspiring story of love that is destined to prevail against all odds. Nevertheless, Austen was able to add a bit of gothic fiction in the novel by making Catherine’s character an archetype of a novel fanatic, who considers herself as a heroin and sees the real world like the world in fiction.
Brown and Austen’s passion in writing is manifested in their ability to make a romantic story that catches the attention of readers. Their novels, although written during the olden days, have not yet been forgotten because these have enthralling scenes and exciting turn of events that are able to capture the emotions of the readers through its characters. For instance, in Clara Wieland and Henry Pleyel’s love story, there is the involvement of religious fanaticism and mystery that made their story, not like the usual. Clara was trapped in the shadows of her deceased father who had a world of his own through the religion that he founded himself (Brown ch. I). When the father died, Clara and her brother Theodore had to deal with the things occurring in their place, especially the strange voices that seem to disrupt their quiet life (Brown). Uncanny things are occurring, but Clara is left with no other choice, but to accept the weird happenings to live a normal life and pursue her intention to confess her love to Henry Pleyel. Diversely, the love story of Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney in Austen’s novel is more inclined to the reality. Despite Catherine’s obsession to gothic novels, the romance between Catherine and Henry is like those that happen in the typical love story scenes in the movies, a woman from a not so well off family falls in love