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Mostly nurses provide care to the patients under the orders or supervision of the physicians and this traditional role has given nurses an image of care providers. However, most of the jurisdictions have permitted the nurses to work independently depending on the settings of their training level. But during the postwar period, the nursing education has been diversified towards advanced and specialized credentials, and this has brought change in many traditional regulations and roles of the care providers (Cornwell and Goodrich, 2009). Being a profession, the main motive of the nursing community in all over the world is to ensure the best care for all, while maintaining their credentials, standards, code of ethics, competencies and continuity of their professional education. There are many educational paths which lead to a professional nurse. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the nursing courses are different in overall the world. it involves extensive study about the theory of nursing and practice as well as training in the clinics. A professional nurse cares for people of all age groups and cultural backgrounds who are healthy and ill in a specific manner based on the person’s physical, emotional, psychological, mental, social and spiritual needs. This profession combines physical science, nursing theory and requisite technology required in caring the patients. Moreover, the transition from a student to a professional nurse is exigent due to various elements include: lack of practical experience, extraordinary expectations of the hospital and insufficient staffing in a hospital. Introduction The objectives and aim of the research paper titled Care and compassion: the experiences of newly qualified staff nurses written by Dorothy Horsburgh and Janis Ross (2012) is to review existing procedures being utilized by the nurses in the provision of care to the patients. Moreover, the awareness of the newly appointed nurses regarding the compassionate care and utilization of factors facilitates achieving the objective of the nurses. In order to achieve the objective of the research paper, the authors have utilized qualitative approach and in this regard, a group of forty two (42) newly recruited nurses was selected. Diverse trends, themes and codes were detected and observed, after a though analysis on the data gained from the selected nurses. It was identified by the authors that the newly recruited staff nurses have diverse and miscellaneous rather systematic views, opinions and concepts. And ultimately, the authors realized an apprehension between the individual’s (nurse) ability to act and the working environment (cultural, communal, physical, managerial, and social) at which the nurses provide care to the patients (Horsburgh, and Ross, 2013). Moreover, it was derived by the authors that the supportive working environment influences the efficiency and performance of the nurses in a positive manner for delivering compassionate care (Lombardo and Eyre, 2011). This document provides a thorough review of the above introduced research paper and the background of the nursing profession. Moreover, a framework utilized for qualitatively critiquing the research paper is presented by the Frances Ryan, Michael Coughlan and Patricia Cronin (2007). The research paper highlights certain questions which are required to be answered have been