Title Capitalized and Centered

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Paper Capitalized and Centered affiliation Begin typing your here. Please that an abstract is a concise summary of your research and should not exceed 150-200 words unless otherwise specified.
Paper Title Capitalized and Centered
Begin typing your introduction here. Please note that no separate heading (Introduction) is necessary.
Level 1 Heading: Centered, Bolded, and Uppercase and Lowercase (aka Title Case)
Major chapters such as Literature Review or Discussion should be presented by a Level 1 heading. Sub-chapters and sub-sections should be presented by Level 2 headings.
Level Two Heading: Bold, Title Case, Left Indent
Use level two headings to separate logical parts of chapters from each other. If necessary, use level 3 headings.
Level 3 heading should be indented .5 from the left margin. It should be bolded and lower case.
Use your conclusion to summarize major ideas presented in the paper. Restate your thesis and supporting arguments. Include limitations of your research.
Set up a separate references page where references are presented in alphabetical order. Below are some examples. Note the indentation (.5) and italics.
Ary, D., Jacobs, L., Razavieh, A. amp. Ary, D. (2010). Introduction to research in education. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
Domotor, Z., amp. Batitsky, V. (2008). The analytic versus representational theory of measurement: A philosophy of science perspective. Measurement Science Review, 8(6), Section 1.
Refer to the following website for manual formatting of the reference list in APA style:
Refer to the following website for automatic formatting of your reference list in APA style: