Tinnitus and NoiseInduced Hearing Loss

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Buzzing, roaring, and rushing can all be symptoms of tinnitus. According to USACHPPM (2010), however, For those with a noise-induced hearing loss, tinnitus is usually a chronic high-pitched ringing or hissing sensation. In this discussion, tinnitus is defined as: The perception of a sound that results exclusively from the activity within the nervous system without any corresponding mechanical, vibrating activity with the cochlea.
Almost every known hearing problem is in some way associated with tinnitus. For approximately 40 million Americans, it is a permanent condition. It is considered a debilitating condition for around 10 million of those individuals (USACHPPM, 2010).
So, what is the treatment for noise-induced tinnitus According to USACHPPM (2010), The short answer is that chronic, noise-induced tinnitus is not treatable, but there are management strategies that attempt to control reactions to the tinnitus.