Timothy Shary

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Shary also describes in his article Youth in School the cinematic image of nerds. Nerds as we know it could be either a representation of individuals with high academic achievement, virgins or those usually left behind in the social group due to the issue of conformity and acceptability (Choi 119. Driscoll 71). For instance, Shary emphasizes there are substantial opportunities for popular teens, those who are highly accepted in the group, and as a result, would mostly even have rich experiences when it comes to love (social affection) and sex (Shary 1989). Thus, for nerds to transform or gain acceptability, they have to produce something among themselves. Whatever might it be, the idea should be to increase their group and social acceptability or desirability. A specific example of this would be some of those shown in weird science films showing the protagonist (nerd) to excel and end up gaining high value in the society (Shary 1985). Thus, the bottom line would be to increase the level of affection given to them by the surrounding social environment. Laney Boggs from the movie film She’s All That is an unpopular art student in the campus, physically unattractive and wallows into the solitary atmosphere. In the movie, Boggs needed to be transformed as somebody that comes from being an ugly duckling to a stunning beauty, which is a remarkable depiction of increasing one’s value and social acceptability.The movie film The Breakfast Club featuring the character of Brian Johnson also depicts an issue concerning conformity, rebellion, and social acceptability. Johnson in this film shows how shameful on his part to remain a virgin at his age, which depicts the issue about conformity. Shary’s ideas on the nerd concept are actually exemplified in the case of Boggs and Johnson due to the associated issue about conformance and rebellion. In the case of Boggs, her being unattractive exemplified the concept of being somebody who does not belong to a group and who lacked any level of acceptance for her peers. As a result, she ended up a popular figure on a certain group of people due to the kind of social status and acceptance society has given to her. Johnson, on the other hand, has this level of intellect and even some manifestations on his part to turn out different in a group. However, considering the level of social acceptance, it is on the part of Boggs that the definition of Shary’s nerd character would most probably fall. Both of these characters need to prove their worth just to be part of the group and gain social recognition in a positive way. However, it is on the part of Boggs there is a remarkable need to apply a high level of nerd transformation because of her physical unattractiveness.